Advice 1: How can I take the plane tickets

If for some reasons postponed or delayed a trip, you will need to return the ticket on the plane. It is not necessary to think, it is a difficult task, just need to loose time to contact the appropriate authorities.
To understand the tariff diversity is not easy, because the same airline on the same route offers dozens of them. Even professionals who are engaged in the sale of tickets, by heart I do not remember all the features. It all depends on what airline, at what rate the ticket was purchased, how long before departure you are going to take it. Moreover, in each case from the rules of a specific airline depends on the size of fines and the conditions of return.
However, there are a few important points. One of them – all the ticketsbelonging to the Russian airlines can take, regardless of the fare, and get back 100% of the cost.
The refund of tickets of foreign airlines depends on the fare. All airlines tariffs are divided into two categories: preferential and complete. The most flexible payment terms and booking is a full fare. The validity of the ticket at the full rate – 12 months, and therefore the ticket refund, change of route and date of departure even from foreign airlines, is possible without penalty – if a return ticket is produced prior to departure, not after.
Some airlines for a refund without penalties set deadline – the day before departure. Tickets are purchased at rates in economy and business class, and first class ticket you can take and after departure, it will have to pay the penalty (its size depends on the booking class, route and airline). You should consider the lower ticket price, the more it contains restrictions. Tickets bought at reduced rates in foreign companies, it is possible to pass most often only a fine.
But the most interesting thing happens after purchasing cheap tickets through the special offer. Such proposals in the vast majority do not provide the ability to return a ticket or change the date of departure. The customer is obliged to notify the airline rules of a return ticket is usually in small print below the price specified in a special footnote. If the flight is delayed due to airlines the full cost of tickets, the carrier is obliged to return without penalty. Apply this rule to all airlines of Russia that is similar to the rule adopted in most of the foreign airlines.

Advice 2: How to return the ticket

No one is immune from a situation where for one reason or another he can't use the pre-paid ticket that provides admission to any event, the implementation of long trips on a particular mode of transport, etc.

Given that a ticket to a concert, theatre, train, ship, plane, etc. involves booking space, expiring in case of your cancellation of the trip or event, from the organizers, you receive the opportunity to re-implement it. Each organization sells tickets, takes into account this possibility and specifies the terms of repayment.

When can I take the ticket?

If the maturity date or train ticket, for which your financial losses will be minimal (payment of services, etc.), is indicated on the ticket, the time frame in which you can return the ticket for a concert or a lecture in the absence of such information needs to be clarified. Typically a ticket to any cultural event can be taken not later than half an hour before it starts.

How much money will be refunded when you return the ticket?

With regard to travel, the conditions for the return of funds and their number of different. For example, in Russia and the CIS, in order to return a train ticket, having lost only the fee, you should do it no later than 15 hours prior to the trip. To do this, the citizens of the CIS countries, not taking advantage of a trip on the territory of the adjacent state, hand over the ticket at the station from which the train, and get the appropriate help. The money for the ticket they return at the place of purchase, ie, at home. Handing the ticket on the train, next to Europe, to return the sum in full with the exception of the Commission, 6 hours before its departure.

To pass the ticket on the train even when it was late

Under the condition that the ticket is handed in later than 15 hours but more than 4 hours before departure of the train, cost of train ticket deduct 50% of the cost of berth (sleeping), representing about 30% of the entire ticket. The cost of seat reservation will not be returned, if the train ticket you will pass later than 4 hours before train departure, and in that case, if you want to cancel your ticket because the train was late. If you are late to return the money paid for the ticket, except for the cost of the reserved place no later than three hours after its departure.

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