You will need
  • - The mobile phone.
The invasion of privacy is illegal, but, nevertheless, some people is very important to know with whom and how often you communicate. The cause of curiosity could be anything. The reasons can be harmless, if you are listening jealous the second half, and quite serious if you are interested in a criminal who decided to Rob your house.
To learn about some if you use your cell phone or not, not hard enough to know a few obvious signs of "wiretapping". The main feature of spying on you – the high temperature of the battery of your device. If you long time not use my cell phone and he was warm, remember that this is possible only if it spoke for half an hour.
Your phone is frequently discharged? This is another sign of a possible the tracking for you. Cell phone in listening mode is able to continuously record human speech in the room, while at first glance it may seem that he just lies on the table. But it must be remembered that the cell phone battery begins to weaken after the first year of use of the device, and it depends on how often you use it.
In that case, if the phone starts to behave strange (long turns on or off, does not turn off at all, he suddenly turns on and off lights, spontaneously installs additions, etc.), it is possible that it works as a listening device. At the same time, it is impossible to exclude and basic failures in the mobile phone. In order to determine the exact cause, you should contact the service center.
If you think that your phone "on tapping", listen carefully during a conversation with anyone to what I hear in the dynamics. The emergence of various sounds (clicks, static, echo) in the receiver may be caused by all that surrounds you (a busy highway, a concert, etc.) or someone who decided to bug you guys.
You can try to keep your phone from bugging with a password. If you have a machine that you do not use, it is best to pull the battery, then you can be sure in privacy of your life.
It seems quite possible to contact the police if your suspicions are too strong. Law enforcement officers have special equipment with which you can test your camera on the subject of tracking. But it is best to leave this option in reserve and use them only in extreme cases.