Advice 1: Where to go in Moscow

Moscow is not only the capital of the Russian Federation, but also the largest city in Europe, with centuries-old history and many attractions. It is difficult to grasp the immensity and visit all the interesting places in Moscow. But there are the most significant Moscow sights, meet with whom is obligatory.
The acquaintance with Moscow, as a rule, begin with a visit to red square and the Kremlin are the iconic characters and the main attractions of the capital. In the Kremlin are the famous museums: the Armoury chamber and Diamond Fund. Between the Ivan the Great bell tower and the Church of the Twelve apostles is the biggest gun in the world that has not made a single shot – Tsar cannon. And the East wall of the belfry stands the famous Tsar bell, weighing more than two hundred tons. Certainly worth a look located on red square the Cathedral of the Intercession of the blessed virgin Mary, known as St. Basil's Cathedral. It was built in 1555-1561 under orders from Ivan the terrible to commemorate the capture of Kazan. Prechistenskaya embankment near the Kremlin, Cathedral of Christ the Savior, whose history is tragic. A believer should also make a pilgrimage to the Pokrovsky monastery, where the relics of St. Matrona. Blind since birth, the Holy Orthodox had the gift of foresight and the ability to heal the sick. A stream of people to the relics of Saint Matrona does not dry out. The assurances of believers, its power to possess extraordinary healing powers. You should visit the Moscow Museum-reserve Tsaritsyno, which is a cultural monument of XVIII-XIX centuries. View built by order of Catherine the great architect V. I. Bazhenov the Grand Palace in the pseudogothic style. Take a walk, weather permitting, at the majestic alleys Tsaritsyno Park with many romantic grottos, bridges and pavilions. You can go on a themed tour and to meet with the "mystic Moscow" or "Moscow of Bulgakov", for example. To pick up in the capital of any other interesting tour or Museum will not be difficult. We cannot ignore one of the world's largest museums – the Tretyakov gallery. It exhibited paintings of artists who are the real pride of Russian art.

Advice 2: How original to meet

Pass year, and you meet winter evenings and summer sunsets alone. If Yes, then it's time to think about your life and put the loneliness to an end. Luck is on the side of the strong, enterprising women.

Don't be afraid to take the initiative

Some women prefer to old to look out the window and wait for him on a white horse and a white Mercedes come their only and long-awaited man, wearing on his finger a beautiful ring, will make a proposal of marriage, while others are not willing to wait and take the initiative.

The indecisiveness of women in taking initiatives to meet you due to genetic, social, moral, and historical settings.

Now women of the second type is becoming more, because they gain leadership quality in those areas where for a long time was not well received, whether in politics, blacksmithing, weightlifting and other areas of the classroom, which is considered strange for women. Often the man becomes the work of women, or you can simply not wait for the Prince.

How original to get acquainted with a man

If you decide to meet an appealing man, remember that the main thing - to behave as if he is acquainted with you. Get him to attract attention, amaze, impress him. Men are drawn to enigmatic women.

Keep in mind that you have to look perfect - well-groomed skin, style of dress, skillful makeup, nice perfume. Everything has to be perfect, of course, and it is appropriate for the situation Dating.

Define purpose of meeting - a fleeting communication, for the night or you are looking for a decent life partner. Based on their goals, choose the place for Dating. Remember that the easiest way to captivate a man dancing in a nightclub, but not the fact that it will be a gentleman with serious intentions, because go there to relax and unwind.

But do not have to wear glasses and go to study hall from the local library. You can easily discover on special websites designed for this purpose and here the process of Dating much easier and simpler than in reality. To get acquainted in any place, at any convenient and inconvenient situations, just try not to scare the man of her determination and perseverance in response to this behavior may fear a backlash, an unwillingness to learn.
Don't forget about these signals, like gaze, smile men, the willingness to dialogue, giving to understand that you are interested in. If you do not see the interest, it is better do not impose, and leave this man.

Listen to your imagination: drench the subject of their cravings tea in a cafe, ask to bring huge bags of food from the supermarket, wait for him at the exit door and tuck it under foot, treat whiskey in the bar, etc..

But if the first step is done successfully, do not check positions, because now you'll need to use all your sexuality, intelligence, charm, intelligence, not just for a few minutes to attract the attention of men, but also to keep it near him for months, years or a lifetime.
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