Go to your Inbox Mail.Ru and open the folder "Trash". If you yourself deleted the letter and now want to restore them, they must be in this directory. If they are not there, remember, do not cleared if you "Trash" after deleting messages. In the process of emptying the trash all the emails are deleted from the mail server Mail.Ru without the possibility of recovery.
The default "Basket" is also cleared when you exit the box, and all the letters in it are destroyed. If you want to change this option, go to the "Settings" page. Select "Interface" mailbox, uncheck the checkbox next to "empty Trash on exit".
If you expect someone a letter, but it didn't come to you, open the "Spam" folder, see if it's randomly there. Sometimes the program redirects suspicious in her view the correspondence in this folder.
If you have Mail.Ru lost all emails, remember, did you or someone of the users that have access to your mailbox, configuring your email program. Quite often there is a situation when the settings of such software, the user forgets to tick the option "Keep messages on server". In the result, all e-mails in your Inbox, move on your computer. To test this, in the settings of the mailbox, tick the option "Display information about the last logon". If on the contrary the inscription "Login" POP3 is specified IP address - your Inbox working through your email program.
For storing letters make a special folder in which you will shift the correspondence you want to keep. You can create in your mail program Mail.Ru by going to "Settings" and from there clicking on the link "Folders".