Create a new folderor open an existing one. In the first case, click on any blank area of the desktop with the right mouse button. In the drop-down menu, click "Create", and "Folder". In the second case, hover over the folder icon and click on it with the left mouse button.
To add a file in the folder, move the cursor to its icon, press the left mouse button and holding it drag the icon to the area of the open folder. Release the mouse button. This way you can add files like in the open and the closed folder.
If you need to move files from one place on the computer in a separate folder, in another directory, use the command "Cut". Select with the mouse the desired file or group of files, move to the selection cursor and click the right mouse button. In the drop down menu click "Cut".
Open the folder, in which should be allocated to your file and click in any empty space, right-click. In the context menu, click "Paste". You can also use for these purposes the menu bar. Click on "edit" and select "Paste" from the context menu.
To duplicate files in a separate folder to select "Copy". These commands can be called hot keys. Highlight the desired file. For the actions "Cut" and press Ctrl X, Copy - Ctrl and C to Paste - Ctrl and V, respectively.
When you save a file in the program window you can select the folderin which it should be. In the menu "File" select "Save as". This will open a new dialog box. Open the desired local drive and select the folderin which you want to save the file.
If the desired folder does not exist, create it. To do this, press Alt and F4 or the button on the toolbar as a folder with an asterisk. Name the folder, open it and click "Save".