Tune into business harmony. In a state of emotional excitement you will hardly be able to write a coherent text. Besides the confusion the letter will significantly delay the period of its consideration, because the Minister or his assistant would be difficult to capture the essence of the treatment. So don't rush, put in order your thoughts, and only then sit down for the letter. Only then will you be able to explain everything on paper is logical, specific and as informative as possible.
Take a clean sheet of paper and in the upper right corner, write the title, surname and initials of the addressee. In this case it will look like this: to the Minister of health and social development Minister Golikova T. A. For greater reliability line below you can specify another recipient with a note "copy". For Example: Copy. Deputy Minister of health and social development Skvortsova V. I., you Can be sure that a copy of your letter will be transferred to the Deputy Minister.
Below the names of the recipient (s) put your name, initials and address of actual residence. For example: Petrova E. I., residing at... In the case of collective treatment pischite: from a group of hospital workers no. XXX city of Tula (a sign-up sheet attached). However, valid data of the sender and to place at the end of the letter, there is no significant difference.
Next, move the sheet to the left and making the indent with a red line, write the main text of the letter. Think carefully before you write the first line. The fact that the reader "catches" first the top part of the text, his attention and concentration weaken. Try to keep it in the initial words reflected the essence of your application (requests, complaints, suggestions). Then the Minister or his assistant in the first few seconds to understand what was going on. However, this recommendation is not a requirement, it is rather a wish.
The main requirements for the text of the letter are as follows:- intelligibility;- short;- completeness;- courtesy;- literacy.To meet these requirements is not difficult for a modern person, but the perception is very positive.
When I finish writing the main text, this way: With respect, Petrova Evgeniya Ivanovna, date, signature. Or: With respect, employees of the hospital №..., date.