Many owners of rabbits prefer to give your students a short and cute names. So the Bunny-girl called Bonnie, Maysa, Musya, Zaya, Motya, Ale, Tepa, Frosya. Rabbit-boy fit name Busa, Baby, Boo, Kuzma, Kapitosha, Honey, Puff or Mashiko. These affectionate nicknames well characterize the essence of a harmless long-eared pet.
Very often the rabbit gets the nickname based on its individual characteristics or external characteristics. The Bunny boy can be a Fluffy, Blackie, Apricot, Snow, Eeyore, Krosh, Food, the tooth fairy, and the girl was Sonia, the three bears, Cute, Fuzzy, Affectionate, Fussy or Thumbelina.
If you like funny nicknames, call your animal a Bagel, Busami, Wheezy, Hot dog, Snickers or Playboy. Plump girl rabbit can be a Wiener, Bun, Bun, and the one that likes to fool around – Duduki, boys Susa or Vredendal.
Many owners give their children human names, wanting to emphasize that they are full members of their families. You can call a girl Masha, Asay, Glasha, Lisa, Tasha and a boy Senya, Theme, Eureka, Mazaev, Stepan, Caches, Tosha or Phillip.
You can give your pet a short foreign name, such as dick, Richie, Jack, Chris, Stan, Luke, Steve, Peter. Rabbit girl name Dora, Amelie, grace, Bella, Jesse, or Claire.
If you want to give the rabbit more majestic and rare name, you can find beautiful examples in the history textbook or in your favorite novel . Choosing to pet the proud nickname of Prince, Gladiator, Louis, or Robin hood, you can be sure that your friends will not forget his name. Least pretentious name to select for girls. Matilda, Isabelle, Madonna, Victoria, Isolde – here is just a small list of lovely names for the fluffy beauty.