Select a style for your album. Wedding archive can be executed in gentle tones, in a formal or humorous style. For a children's albumand will approach the delicate paint, but will look great and vivid album with funny captions with a description of the funniest moments from my childhood.
If you want that wedding album to reflect all the solemnity of the moment and your joy of event, next to the pictures to put in tune with the poetry. Best of all, of course, the classic poetry.
That album became a warehouse for photos, it can be decorated. Try to base your ideas of scrapbooking. Next to wedding photos put the newspaper clippings for the day of the celebration, next to a portrait of the bride put a picture of fairies or princesses, the image of the flowers can even glue a piece of lace, ribbon or dried flower from a bouquet of girls.
So every time it was interesting to see this album, you can put and a short story about the events pictured. Tell us who caught the bouquet the bride who sang a song, what a melody the bride and groom danced their first dance and so on. If you want to make a fun album, can encapsulate it in a funny comic book, where the images are interspersed with photos.
Making a children's album, it is appropriate to put next to the pictures the first words of a child, a funny phrase (when he starts talking), funny stories. Also with kid's photo to put images of his favorite fairy tale characters, toys; to write favorite poems, jokes, funny pictures on the theme of childhood. Then this album will become a favorite not only among parents but also the child, because children love to look at its image side, and the beloved heroes of fairy tales will make viewing more pleasant.
As signatures to use lines from famous and popular songs – they perfectly illustrate the events that will take you in the old days, because the albums – is a subject of long-term use.