Given the fact that in OPEC countries the availability of annual amounts of oil are in the order of 600 million tons per year, the main condition for the release of the Caspian oil on the world market is the profitability of its transportation. It loses in this respect, Arab oil, but won the Russian and North American. Given this, the most attractive markets for Caspian oil are Northern Iran and the black sea countries.Oil, which is extracted in the Northern part of the Caspian sea, and almost half of total production, transportyou to the nearest seaport, which is Novorossiysk. The second half of the volume of oil produced in the southern part of the region, transported to another Russian black sea port of Batumi, which Georgia belongs.Countries – exporters of oil produced in the Northern part of the Caspian, not very happy about the dependence on Russia, which, moreover, is their direct competitor in world markets. But, nevertheless, at present the second stage of construction of the pipeline, which belongs to Caspian pipeline consortium that transports it along the route Tengiz – Novorossiysk.To date, developed several projects of transporting Caspian oil, which were designed for different pricing environment, so the final decision on what option is chosen, is still pending. The plans of the foreign investors appears to spend up to 125-130 billion dollars in order to ensure that by 2015 total oil exports from this region amount to 200 million tons. Almost a third of this sum will be spent on the construction of pipelines and transport tariffs.However, a single operator who would be able to ensure the transit of oil from the Caspian sea to Europe and Asia, yet. We can say that in the next few years Caspian oil will not be able to compete seriously on the world energy market with the same middle East oil, and most likely transport corridors in the near future for her will remain the same through the ports of Novorossiysk and Batumi.