You will need
  • - 7-Zip;
  • - Unreal Commander.
Select the appropriate archiver. Use the popular software WinRar or 7-Zip. You can also use file managers with built-in plugins. Examples of such programs include utilities Unreal Commander and Total Commander. First this program is distributed free of charge.
Install the selected utility. If you decide to use a separate data compression software, restart the computer after installing the program. It is necessary for the implementation of file in operating system.
Create on your hard disk a new folder. Move or copy the files that will be included in the archive. After the preparation of the information to the compression just right click on the icon to the desired directory.
In the ensuing menu, select 7-Zip (WinRar). Wait for the new submenu and click on "add to archive". Will be running window zip program.
Enter the name of the future file. If you plan to upload information to external resources, do not use Russian letters, spaces, and punctuation. Select the archive format. Expand the column "compression Level". Select "Maximum" or "Ultra".
Remember that on some sites set a limit on the maximum size of one file. Fill in the field "Split to volumes" by entering the desired value. When all the required parameters for creating the archive, click Ok.
Wait until the program is completed. The duration of this process can vary greatly depending on the size of the source folder, the selected degree of compression and the type of files to be processed.
If you included files in the installation files of programs or utilities, remove them from the archive before installation. Archivers are not always able to obtain full access to certain data stored in a compressed form.