You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - special programs.
Keep in mind that the use of traditional paper phone book does not make sense as the directories are issued periodically, and the information about them is quickly outdated.
The first thing to specify is installed on your computer the electronic version of the telephone directory. If not, find the appropriate version and install it. In addition, you can register on the website,com_mtree/index.php or follow the link These sites contain huge amounts of phones almost all the cities of the CIS countries.
Update on the code of the city of your acquaintance, where he allegedly resides, and select the desired town in the list. Enter in the box the phone number and click the search button. The system will display the data of the phone owner and address, which he was.
There are a large number of sites-search engines, where you can also find the address of a person by his phone number. In this case, you will need to pay a certain amount of money for the information. In most cases, the system produces correct data, but sometimes the address may not be found.
If you decide to use one of these sites, enter the requested information about your friends, enter their mobile phone number and click the search button. In a few minutes you will receive an SMS message, which will contain a code to access the system. Enter it in a special window and log in. You will then receive the requested information.
Sometimes the source of information can serve as a social network. Type in the search form critical friend. If you are looking for the person indicated in the contact information your address and phone number, consider yourself lucky, as not all users are willing to share this kind of information with strangers.