Remember that some children have difficulty learning tables division. Try to do your best to help your child cope with them.
Avoid "cramming". To the child it was easier and more interesting to perform a task, do it with him in a playful way. For this perfect candy, buttons or coins. With their help, your child will not only learn division, but also develop fine motor skills in the course of action with small objects.
Try to explore a table of the division with a baby at the end. Thus, there is more quality learning division 9, 8, 7 and 6. When you go down to the middle of the table, teach has almost nothing to have, and the most difficult will be passed. Often don't forget to praise your child and something to be encouraged.
Make cardboard cards with questions from table division. Alternately get out of sync from the deck one card at a time and ask child to give you an answer. Practice each day, this will help to develop the child's visual memory. With time he will learn very quickly to give the right response to every action.
Spend for a child's small check. Get a special notebook in which you write for him the job. Every day write in it examples from each column of the table division, but no answer. The child must carry out the decision and write the correct answer. This game he will love and he will love to perform all actions.
While walking give various examples of usage of the multiplication table in my life. Ask the child also have cited examples, it will help him develop thinking.
There are special programs – simulators that will help the child to learn table division. On the wall in his room hang a poster with a table dividingthat at any moment he could turn to him for help.