Thanks to the Internet you can find a lot of like-minded people who will share their experiences and secrets about the completed stages, and will offer new routes, prompt and advise. There are special sites where the graphs of hikes of different difficulty levels for the whole year. Here you can choose and skiing and Hiking in the mountains, and water trekking, mountain trekking, and simple sightseeing tours, hikes of the day off. An inexperienced person to escape from the city at first sight difficult, and somehow scary. To hike, to be an avid camper, not necessarily. Enough to have the desire an unusual, interesting and active rest. You can start with a campaign on native edge. Without a doubt, you can find beautiful and interesting places very close to rivers, lakes, forests. To go to any reservoir, camping and fishing. What could be more delicious and personally prepared soup in the fresh air. You can take a bike ride to places of military glory. For those who want something new and unusual, is to go for a trip to Altai. The road between the communities of the mountains, which is at infinite distance – is a powerful element. She takes the traveler beyond time and space into the world of harmony. Attractive territory for tourists, located on the edge of several cultural centers and natural areas in the mountains of Altai, where mainly preserved original nature with all kinds of landscapes, which are typical for Siberia. Here you can see the snowy peaks, vast glaciers, tundra, taiga, dry steppe, flowering Alpine meadows.Very popular water trips on the lake Seliger. The combination of beautiful nature of the Valdai national Park, the opportunity to visit an active monastery will not leave anyone indifferent. This holiday will suit couples and youth companies, especially now that there are all conditions for recreation.