You will need
  • - professional guide;
  • - strobe;
  • - tube;
  • - paint;
  • brush;
  • tools.
For setting of ignition timing use a strobe, the settings, which should match the motor, take of the professional directories (they collected data for each individual model).
If the distributor was installed a vacuum regulator, check the conditions under which enters the vacuum. Know two options for receipt of the vacuum regulator: after lightly pressing on the gas pedal and when the motor.
Often the vacuum is supplied only after the engine started. Typically, this option presents a complex structure designed for mechanical control of ignition. This design is represented by switches, condensate collectors, thermal switches and valves for the delay, whereby the vacuum acts on the regulator, and the strength of the impact depends on the temperature of the engine.
Check the vacuum control using a special tube, one end of which is put on the regulator. When running idle the engine in the tube create a vacuum and increase the engine speed to 100-200 rpm.
To adjust the ignition with a strobe on the engine there is a graduated scale. Look for these marks on the pulleys of the crankshaft (front of the engine or in the window located above the flywheel). Usually these places are covered with a thick layer of mud sludge or rust, so before you measure you are interested in performance, good clean engine and touch up marks.
Adjustment make on the heated-up engine that is idling. Gently turn the distributor at a slight angle, balancing the desired label, with a flashing strobe light.