You will need
  • - the funds for the gasification;
  • - permit for the gasification;
  • - project documentation.
First you need to obtain a permit for gasification. Contact your local gas service – "Gorgaz", "." or other. There you will be able to know the conditions of gasification and the list of documents that will be needed for the giving of blue fuel. Also, you will be given a form with the technical specifications. Remember that it is free of charge. The law must be free and checking, and processing documents that you collect.
Please contact the project organization for the project. Do not pursue cheapness – it is better to pay more mistakes designers can cost you your life – gas explosive substance. Experts will study the peculiarities of your plot and garden, and based on them, will be the project.
Then give the project to employees of gas service. On its basis they will be preparing design documentation. It is a paid service, calculated at the rates of Glavgosexpertiza. You can also go to a private firm, where the cost will be considered upon their own criteria.
Next you need to choose the organization which will carry gas to your cottage. When choosing a contractor, be sure to check the license for carrying out the gasification. Also note whether the workers experience in this field. Remember that with tubes in the ends. Employees of the organization should also mount the equipment inside the cottage.
Be sure to sign a contract with the contractor and make a budget. Include the cost of summing up the gas to the house – about 5-7 thousand rubles per square meter. If the garden community no gas network will have to pay and its construction. Also calculate the price of a gas boiler or boilers, a gas-stove, counter, heating system and water supply. Don't forget about the costs of installation of the chimney.