You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - special software
Take into consideration the fact that if you do not have electronic versions of the local telephone directory, search addressand any subscriber on his home number is almost impossible. If this program is present on your computer within a few moments after you turn it on you will see the information you need. A good example of such program — "Doublegis" (2GIS).
Find the network you need with your e-guide, download it to your computer. After the download is complete take your time to unpack. First check the unknown document on the presence in it of any malicious software. On the downloaded file, open the context menu (right mouse button) and select the option "scan for viruses" (or "scan", etc. – this depends on the antivirus program installed on your computer).
Making sure that the installer is not a threat for your computer (there are no viruses), unzip it and install the phone book, clicking on the file with the extension *.exe (it may happen automatically). After you install a program on the computer, start it by clicking the mouse appeared on the desktop shortcut. You will see a window with the names of the inhabitants of the cities of your choice, arranged in alphabetical order.
Ask the program team to sort the list by phone numbers. In addition, you can specify the addressby opening the search options and enter a phone number in the designated line. Then click "Find". If the right person will not appear in this database, try to install another version of the directory.
By cell phone number exact home address , you're unlikely to find out. From various operators there are many different additional services: "spy", "locator", etc., but these services provide only approximate information about the whereabouts of a man at the moment. Many sites base, supposedly with information about people issued by a mobile phone and does are, for the most part, fraudulent, asking you to send "free" sms messages for authorization with the purpose of personal gain.
Please contact the help Desk (phone 09 or 009). You may be able to learn the address, which was the apartment phone. If the person, the address being sought has acted illegally, contact the police. At the request of law enforcement operators are required to provide relevant information.