You will need
  • - passport;
  • - computer with Internet access.
Contact a military Commissariat for information about the military unit. Introduce yourself, who are you to recruit, be prepared to show documents. Representatives of the military should provide you with a postal address and phone number parts. A situation may arise when officers know only the coordinates of the distribution points from which further recruits were distributed to military units. In this case, for information about the location of the desired person should contact the point.
If you know the part number and name of region, region or Republic, in which it is located, but postcode to find out and failed, ask for help on any forum devoted to communication former colleagues, relatives, servants, etc. Sign up, find the subforum and the topic and leave a message asking you to specify the coordinates of the part.
Use any search engine of the Internet. Enter in a line of search all the data on parts that you have, press Enter. The program will give you pages that contain any information upon your request.
In social networks, find people who served in the part that you want. To do this, use search. On the website Vkontakte at the top of the page, click on the word "people", on the right you will see a form to search data of users of the site. The bottom of the page there is a section "Military service", expand it by clicking on the arrow. You will see 2 Windows, in one of them, enter the name of the country, which serves as a conscript in the other – the part number or the name of the settlement in which it is located. The search will give you pages of users of the website, specified in the personal data, that they served in this part. Write personal messages to several people with a request to name the exact address part.