You will need
  • - solid cord;
  • - reel with the spool;
  • - metal rod (a pencil or ballpoint pen);
  • - thimbles (finger cots or pieces of foam).
Choose snap for fishing. It can be quite strong and cheap nylon monofilament; woven in the form of a hollow pipe and has a good resistance to tear Dacron fishing line; cord, having a lead core; stranded or solid cord.
Use wire cord if you plan to fish deep water with a strong current. It is the lack of linear expansion and good opposition to a strong current. However, a single-core cord with twist easily torn, so it requires only the right winding coils.
The cord can be any color
Put on fingers sewing thimbles or purchased in a drugstore fingertips. You can hold between your fingers pieces of foam. So you can protect your hands from damage during winding of the cord on the spool. And will be able to avoid staining of the hands in the color of the cord, which sometimes paint the shed.
Put on a horizontal surface coil with a cord and start peremanivanie. To fishing would come out of your hands, insert it in the core of a pencil, metal rod of suitable diameter or a pen. If the household is not able to help in the winding of the cord on the spool, hold the rigid rod with coil independently using his feet.
Start to wind on a spool with a coil cord with a certain tension. If the coil winding was done poorly, then when casting heavy baits past the coils rewound stronger than the underpad. And it will be difficult to avoid formation of "beard" when casting spinning. Strong winding coils will reduce the durability of the cord and will have a negative impact on the spool. Empirically to get the optimal tension and density of the winding.
Make a regular thread # 10 for hand sewing the backing. It is the connecting link between the cord and the reel. For long distance throw rod when planting fish soft sewing thread will not spin. You will not lose control of caught fish. In addition, the weight of the backing from a simple thread much easier. And it positively affects the balance of a spinning.
Do not wrap the cord on the spool through the side – this leads to flushing of eyes or the formation of "beards". Optimally to the edge of the rim should remain up to 1,5 mm. With a larger distance to the rim will be difficult to carry out casting. Search for "Golden mean". Under optimum tension on the cord during winding and the height of his fishing reel, and with proper maintenance, you will certainly be successful fishing.