You will need
  • yarn;
  • - the spokes;
  • - scheme openwork pattern.
Follow the basic rule of knitting openwork pattern – always preserve the original number of loops. When you decrease several loops, you will need to do the same nakido. Depending on the pattern promazyvaya additional loop immediately after subtraction, or after some distance.
To learn how to knit beautiful openwork knitting, train to diminish the loop with a different tilt. Provarite loop on the right side of the canvas with a tilt to the right as follows: count two loops, insert the needle in the second, and then in the first loop and pull them through the working thread.
Loop with a slope to the left provarite otherwise. To do this, remove to right needle one loop inside provarite following. Left needle throw shot loop on the knit.
Three stitches, knit together, perform the following: remove the loop on the right needle, proverite two along the front, with left needle throw shot loop on the decrease. Subsequently, don't forget to add two new loops in a row.
The addition of loops are produced in any convenient way for you. If you want to link openwork knitting with large holes, add a loop method vyvazhivanija additional loops from pulling. Insert right needle into strand between loops and provarite the front loop.
Tie more dense openwork, throwing a new loop on right needle. To do this, take the working thread in your left hand as in the set of loops and make a loop on the right needle. Provarite her in the back row.
After mastering the basic types of stitches for lace knitting, pick up any pattern. Carefully review the diagram and the legend. Try to link a sample of a rapport before we get to knitting knitted things.
Openwork knit with needles thread one or more colors. When using two or more shades openwork pattern will be interesting due to the fact that the series will not go smoothly. Thus you will achieve an additional visual effect.