Call technical support or consultant if payment was made through a Bank and/or its affiliates. Their rooms can be found in the service menu of the ATM, or by contacting the office of the Bank. On the phone to request the transaction history (the operator will dictate the list after you confirm ownership of your Bank card) and select the receipt for which you want to recover. The operator will explain in detail where and how you can get a receipt again.
To reset the receipt of payment in the terminal, if you know the time and details of the parties. It is sufficient to specify the exact time of payment, the account from which the fees were originally paid (most often cash) and the account to which the payment was received; then the system will ask to enter some data, clearly confirming the completion of your transaction. After entering the additional data you will be re-issued receipt for the payment.
Please contact the office of the Bank or other organization, in the account which you made payment. Ask any of the cashiers transaction history, presenting the identity document. Select the receipt for which you want to receive again and the account will be re-issued. Most often the service is provided with charge state agencies and banking services are asked to pay for the time employees spend correcting errors made by the payer (loss of receipts listed in the list of such errors). It should be noted that it is not always a receipt , you can recover: some services and structures, there is a period after which the receipt of payment can not be recovered. Therefore needs to be restored as soon as I discovered the loss or corruption of receipt of payment.