Be prepared to communicate. Before you start a conversation, smile and turn to the man, let him know that you are open for conversation. Position yourself to person, affecting such a General topic that can cause only pleasant emotions.
Bring all your acumen and attention to understand what psychological state is your source. So you can choose the behavior that will make your conversation more meaningful and enjoyable for both parties.
Regardless of rank conversation follow basic psychological principles. This will help you to build a collaborative conversation, not destroying, but developing and harmonizing your communication.
Understanding and respect are the foundations of the conversation. Pay close attention to the views of the person. In the presence of unsolved problems such an attitude contributes to the emergence of several solutions that allows to choose the optimal variant, but in a normal conversation develops people.
Restraint. Sometimes it happens that people talkI show great amount of emotion that has significant impact on the conclusions of the interlocutors and the decisions taken. Try to remove the excessive emotionality of the source: move the conversation to another topic, distract the person by the relevant note, offer him a glass of water or tea. You must control and own the state.
Don't lie, dealing with a man. Subsequently, the lie will definitely result in broken relationships and undermine your credibility.
Conversing, avoid instructive tone. Convinced use the power of the actual facts and the logical consequences that arise from them. Listen carefully to the other person's response.
Always remember that the purpose of the conversation is not about defending positions, and in obtaining satisfaction from communicating and making decisions acceptable to both parties.