Go to your Inbox Mail.Ru entering your login and password. In the left side menu, locate the folder "Trash". In that case, if the emails you have deleted on their own, they will be in this directory. If you've cleared out the recycle Bin, then the emails cannot be restored, since after this procedure, they are permanently deleted from the mail server Mail.Ru.
In addition, Trash is automatically cleared each time you exit of an electronic box and all the lettersthat were in it are destroyed. To prevent this from happening, go to the "Settings" page. Scroll to the "Interface mailbox" and remove the tick next to "empty Trash on exit".
If you are expecting some important letter, and it doesn't come, go into the folder "Spam". Perhaps the program has considered the correspondence is suspicious and forwarded it to this folder.
If suddenly your mailbox is missing all the letters, remember, did you configure your email program. Often there are situations when user settings of this software does not check the option "Keep emails on server". As a result, all emailsthat are in Inbox, move on your computer. To check this, go to mailbox settings and tick the option "Show information about the last logon". If next to "Login" POP3 is specified IP address, then running your email through your email program.
So you don't accidentally delete and save are important to you letters, create a special folder in which to put this correspondence. To create a folder in your mail program Mail.Ru go to "Settings", then "Create new folder". In the opened window enter a name and folder location at its discretion. In addition, you can protect the folder with a password, checking the box next to "password Protect".