Whatever the reasons, this is not less easy than to carry out the connection process. It is sufficient to use the options of your phone or Internet access. But you should remember that if disconnection of service is free, the reverse connection will require an additional payment. The easiest way to disable the service "calling number identification restriction" is a short request. Being in a service area network "MegaFon", do the calling *105*501*0#. After two or three minutes the phone receives a message indicating that the service is disabled.
You can also cancel "antipirateria" with the help of the cellular company, or rather of its employees. Visit one of the offices "the Megaphone" whose address is given on the official website The same ' you can learn if you call at 0500 the service center.
If you have registered a personal account on the official website of MegaFon, remove this service via the Internet. To do this, go to the website select "Service guide" in the right corner of the page and enter your username, which is the phone number. Then enter the password on the next page and click the "Log in". If you do not remember your password, make a USSD-request to number *105*00# and press "Call" or the link "Get password", then you will receive an SMS with the recovered password.
In any case, after logging on the website of OJSC "MegaFon" you will be taken to your personal account. To disable the hidden room, click on "Service and rate" in the left column menu, delete the option of "calling number identification restriction" and click on "Confirm".
Try to use functions own mobile phone. Look in the phone menu "Settings" in the list of services, select the checkbox "Show or pass room".