You will need
  • - magnet;
  • - accurate scales;
  • glass.
The main and most important sign of a real grenade is its ability to the magnetization. Put the product with the mineral on the scale and bring to it a magnet. If the stone is real, the scale will fluctuate.
Pay attention to the size of the stone. Real grenades can't be more than a grain of its namesake – the pomegranate.
Czech garnets have a smaller size – no more than three to five millimeters. This Czech garnets have a smooth cherry-red color and never orange hue.
So, if you offer a product whose label says "Czech garnet", and the stone itself has a clear reddish hue, and size superior to 5 mm, the glass in front of you is probably a fake. Sellers makes no sense to issue a real pomegranate one after another. Their price is about the same.
Genuine garnet has a higher hardness than glass, almost in half. So scratch my garnet glass genuine natural stone will leave a clear trail.
Garnet has the ability to slightly change color in different lighting.
Garnets can be any color except blue. There are even green garnets, and they are counterfeited less often than usual dark red.
Note that garnet is not the most expensive stone. And therefore inserting glass in a Golden frame does not make sense. In a good jewelry garnets are replaced by cubic Zirconia, but this honest manufacturer writes on the label.
If you already have grenades, the authenticity of which you are sure, compare it with stones in the purchased things. The cubic zirconias Shine much stronger than the natural garnet.
Natural garnets can meet and cheap beads. Usually they are not the most perfect form: on the rocks there are chips, bumps, uneven coloring. Cheap beads perfect shape, most likely made of the so-called garnet glass. Self-respecting manufacturers indicate this by including the product description, the word "imitation".