You will need
  • - a thermometer;
  • - alcohol;
  • - napkin;
  • - vaseline.
The right temperature will help you to understand and develop the correct tactics of patient care. Very easy to determine the presence of elevated body temperature, simply attach the inside of your wrist to the forehead or body of the sick. Though this method is very subjective, but in the absence of a thermometer can be used. It is important that the person measuring the temperature, was healthy, otherwise he can not feel the rise in temperature of the patient.
To measure temperature using a thermometer. In daily practice there are several different types of thermometers: mercury, liquid alcohol or electronic. Mercury thermometer allows you to measure the temperature accurate to tenths of a degree (the only downside is the shaking before each use), liquid the thermometer is not always accurate, so use them rarely. Electronic thermometer is very convenient and easy to operate, quite accurate.
Surely you know that the normal body temperature is the measure of 36.6 degrees. In fact, the normal temperature varies depending on the area of the body in which it is measured. In the armpit temperature of a healthy person close to 36.6 degrees, but when measured in the rectum or mouth it can be of 37 degrees or more.
Before you put the thermometer, wipe the armpit with a tissue. Shake the thermometer to readings of 35 degrees and install it so that the mercury column in contact with the body on all sides at the deepest point of the armpit. Keep the thermometer tightly to the skin and the air did not get into the axilla. To do this, push the elbow and shoulder to the body. Time of temperature measurement – 10 minutes.
To measure temperature in the mouth, pretreat the thermometer with alcohol. Shake it (if you are using a mercury thermometer) and place on the side of the sublingual frenulum. Close lips to avoid contact of cool air with a thermometer. Don't move and don't talk during the procedure. Remove the thermometer from his mouth in five minutes and evaluate the measurement results. Remember that the normal temperature in the oral cavity is approximately 37.3 degrees.
To measure the temperature in the rectum, use a separate thermometer and follow this procedure in the morning, before getting out of bed. Lubricate the thermometer tip with vaseline and gently insert the narrow part of the anal opening. Take measurements for five minutes. The normal temperature in the rectum is 37.3-37.7 degrees.