If you cancel a hotel room for cash, call for a certain number of days (specified in the booking conditions) to the managers and arrange a refund.
In that case, if you have booked a hotel room using the online system (which it is interactive mode), log into the appropriate website of the company, open the waiver form and enter your identification number. Fill in all the fields and send it to the specified email box.
Remember that cancellation may be applicable, hotel shall also have the right to charge your card a certain amount of money in the event (pre-payment) if you cancel the room later than is allowed in the terms. If you have any doubts about the trip, better to find a hotel room with free cancellation.
To cancel a reservation for a ticket at the cinema or theatre you just don't have to buy the ticket (the payment is not taken). The order is automatically canceled for some time before the start of the session or view, and tickets go on sale. If you come to the premiere in less than 15-20 minutes, you can count on the tickets that you had already in his pocket, not worth it.
If you book a ticket through the website of a particular company, then pay attention to whether the us paid or free. If your booking is free, it automatically will be cancelled if you don't pay the ticket before the scheduled time. If the website provides a paid reservation, you must use a special form of denial, but to carefully read the terms of booking tickets, so after removing the armor, You are not required to pay penalty interest and penalties. In some companies, in case of refusal and cancellation You will not be entitled to interest on tariffs, taxes and some amounts of commissions and markups.