The mode of working part-time can be set as when applying for a job in afterwards. If it is set when at work, then this should be stipulated in the employment contract. When an employee wants to change the operation mode and place half of the bet, it is necessary to write the corresponding application addressed to the head of the company. Mode of operation in this case must be specified separately.
Note that in the case when the employer wants to hire another employee to an existing position, without increasing the number of staff units, and by breaking it into two part-time, he is not entitled to it without the consent of an employee working in this position at the full rate. The only legal basis in this case – changes in the organization of work that needs to be documented.
Upon reaching the employee's consent or at his request, the employer needs to make changes in staffing, which was provided one full unit. In this case, it becomes possible to "close" the remaining half of the stakes, issuing a second job or a new employee who will also work on part-time. Appropriate changes in the contract of employment and should be reflected in the order.
In the text of the order specify the reason why there was a need to draw on part-time current employee, for example, a sharp reduction of production volumes, in order to preserve jobs and prevent layoffs, etc. If it was a statement of an employee, refer to it. In order to give instructions to the financial Manager to develop the employee or employees schedule of working time to reflect new working conditions, and the chief accountant to prepare a supplementary agreement to the employment contract. Familiarize the employee with this order under the signature.