You will need
  • mobile phone;
  • - sim-card Beeline.
Cancel the service "Chameleon" with BeeinfoОтключить spam on the phone at the service Beeinfo. Go to phone menu and select the icon for the sim card with the inscription "Beeline" or "Beeinfo". Click the "Chameleon" (hameleon), followed by "Activation" and "Off".
Call comindonesia keyboard cell phone combination *110*20# and press call. The screen immediately displayed the following message: "Ordered: deactivate Chameleon". Then another SMS arrives: "Chameleon> Your request completed".
Will call service provider to disable the message Beeline, dial the number 0684-700-000 and make the call. The voice menu will say to you: "Your request has been accepted. Thank you for calling." After that, your phone will receive 2 messages. One will indicate that your request is fulfilled, and in another that the service "Chameleon" is disabled and provides information about its connection (if suddenly missed spam).
Read the contract on the conclusion of services Brainpro connect a new sim card Beeline mark the point that you do not want to receive any messages the network with unnecessary information on your phone or inform the consultant/purchaser performing the connection of the sim card.
Activate the service "Chameleon"Service "Chameleon" is providing information on various topics. You can not get all the news, but only those that interest you. Can be ordered free of theme "Star", "personal", "Sports", "news", "smile", "Night", etc. in Order to activate a "Chameleon", dial *110*21#, and the message will be sent to the phone from 8 am to 10 PM.