Prefer the bath to the sink. Thanks to him, you will be able to easily change the water during bathing, and after the procedure without any problems drain.
Be sure that any bath for the newborn is stable enough. It is better to choose a model with rubber feet that prevents it from sliding on a horizontal surface.
Some baths for newborns come with inserts from thermoplastic, which changes its color depending on water temperature.
To save some space in the apartment will allow a special loop that is present on many children's baths, through which the capacity can be easily hung on the wall.
Very popular with modern parents use the anatomic baby bath. Located inside a built-in slide-support repeats all the contours of the body of a newborn baby and prop under the back prevents it from slipping. Head crumbs in the bath is above the water level, and the handles remain free, which makes the procedure safe and comfortable for baby. The disadvantage of such trays is that the tabs slide-support do not allow you to put the newborn on your stomach to wash back.
Bath for newborn "mommy's tummy" is a novelty on the market of children's accessories. Its original form in the form of round Cup-like container with high sides for crumbs recreates the conditions to which he was accustomed in the 9 months of intrauterine life.
A great option for bathing a newborn is a baby bath built in changing table. Its main convenience is that treat the skin after bathing the baby and swaddle him pretty quickly, because everything necessary is already close at hand.
Look for antibacterial baths for newborns. In the plastic from which they are made, includes a special antiseptic substance that inhibits the growth of bacteria. By choosing this model, you will not have to handle it with disinfectant before each swim.