You will need
  • - R-Stuido;
  • - Easy Recovery.
For the implementation of effective recovery of music files, use the utility R-Studio. Install program components to the local disk which was not removed right now. Restart the computer and start R-Studio.
Open the box, the Device/Disk and select the hard drive where you will search for data. Click on its icon with the right mouse button. Go to Scan. Enter in the box Start the digit 0, and the next field, fill in the size of the local volume. Specify a value in the row of Disk Size.
Select the file system format of the scanned section. If files were lost due to formatting, select the disk layout that was used previously. Activate Detailed Scan in the graph View. Install the filter search key *.mp3.
Check the analysis parameters of the disk, and then click Scan. Running the procedure can last several hours. Click Ok after you complete the analysis section of the hard drive.
Click on the icon scanned disk with the left mouse button and press F5. Wait until you will create a list of found tracks. Highlight a desired song by setting the checkboxes next to the files or directories. Click the Recover Marked button located on the control panel of the program.
Specify the folder where the program will save the recovered mp3 files. Disable Skip files with bad sectors, ticking the respective item. Start the restore process by pressing the Ok button.
Check integrity of recovered information. If some files were corrupted, install the utility Easy Recovery. With its help try to reconstruct the structure of damaged music tracks. To do this, start the function File Restore.