Advice 1: How to start walking after a fracture

A foot fracture can trap anyone. Failed step, unnoticed piece of ice, any little thing, and you're in the emergency room with a sad diagnosis. The desire to quickly return to normal life after such an injury is clear, for a long period of limitation is very frustrating. But do not hurry up, to start walking after a fractureand any bone of the legs should be very carefully.
You will need
  • - a small rubber ball;
  • - massage brush;
  • - sustainable support.
After a long stay leg in plaster joints become logopedisti, and the muscles weakened. To the recovery process was faster, start doing rehabilitation exercises before you will remove the plaster.
Exercises should be performed for the first time in a day for 5-10 minutes. Then you can proceed with daily activities and increase the time.
Stand on the healthy leg next to a stable support. Holding the pole with two hands, perform Mahi injured foot first back and forth then left and right in front of him. Movement should be smooth, the breath is calm.
Starting position is the same as in the previous exercise. Hold your back straight and slowly lift the affected leg in front of him. Try to raise it as high as possible, but watch out for their condition. Do 5-6 lifts, then pull leg to the side. Don't forget to follow the posture.
Lying on your back, tighten your quadriceps, then loosen. Repeat 10-15 times slowly.
Without getting out of bed, wiggle your toes, sore feet. Pull them on, then relax it. Alternate tension and relaxation for 30 seconds then rest a minute and repeat the exercise.
Continue exercises for the feet. Pull the socks from yourself, then yourself. Work slowly and carefully to control your condition. The slightest discomfort is a sign that the exercise needs to stop.
When the plaster will be removed, exercises can vary. Stand straight, holding onto a stable support. Raise your injured leg so the thigh is parallel to the floor. Supporting himself in the thigh, follow the movement of the foot from right to left. Make 10-15 rotations. Straighten your leg, but don't put it on the floor. Holding the foot on weight, continue to follow the foot turns. Sure that worked not only the ankle but also the knee.
Standing straight, lift the leg and bend it at the knee. Move slowly, keeping the foot on weight. Repeat 10-15 times and rest.
When the leg gets stronger, you can perform different ways of walking, for example, on toes or on heels. Try to walk around the house barefoot.
Take a small ball and roll it across the floor bare foot. Make sure the movement was multidirectional. Roll the ball with a force pressing down on him.
A daily massage the muscles to improve the blood circulation. Can knead, pinching, stroking his injured leg. You can even grind a normal stiff brush. It will accelerate the recovery process in muscle tone.
Combine exercises on development of mobility of joints in a slow walk. Set a goal every day to do a certain number of steps. The first steps under the care of a loved one. Gradually increase the distance traveled.

Advice 2: How to develop a foot with the broken ankle

Proper and timely treatment of the fractureand any limb can provide a complete restoration of its functions without any complications or consequences. This statement also applies to the ankle, a fracture which, in the opinion of many, makes a man limping for life. With the implementation of certain recommendations can be restore functions of the lower part of the leg completely and with no "loss" in the shortest possible time.
Need daily soft massage. Despite the fact that the leg is not used, the best way to maintain mobility and function of the foot is to constantly remind her of its existence. Gentle movements lead in the area of the fracture and the entire inactive area of the feet, you see cells, so they "didn't sleep", the easier they will then Wake up.
Take a daily multivitamin. It is no secret that vitamins help the body to work properly and in full force. In moments of weakness of the body (for example, when the fracture of the leg) he especially could use the help in Supplement form.
How to develop leg fracture <strong><b>ankle</b></strong>
Perebintovany leg with an elastic bandage every day and spend time healing walking. With the aid of crutches to move around the house, gradually increasing the load on the leg. Do it very carefully! You may not feel any pain until the very moment of re-fracture or you can just move the bone, causing incorrect splicing. After you will be able to stand fully on the foot, can go to walk with a cane.
Don't forget to get checked out by your doctor and repeat x-rays to trace the dynamics of splicing bones. At the time of walk with a cane and even on the first time without it, it is advisable to purchase a special plastic, silicone or fabric locking Shoe that allows the foot to move. This will speed up and secure the healing process.
How to develop leg fracture <strong><b>ankle</b></strong>
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