You will need
  • - oatmeal on the water.
Certainly among your surroundings, there are people able to eat well and in large quantities, while remaining as slim as a reed. This is due to accelerated metabolism. Food such people is cleaved much faster unwanted residues appear after each meal, and the man's ready to eat.
To measure the rate of metabolism, can conduct the following simple test. Prepare in the evening porridge, preferably, boiled in water. Even if this dish seems repugnant to you, be patient for the sake of experiment, because the milk slows down the digestive process. Waking up, ventilate the apartment, make necessary hygienic procedures (not only shower), get dressed in lightweight clothing, so that you feel a little cold, and proceed to Breakfast. Heat three hundred grams of porridge to room temperature and try to eat it as soon as possible. Then listen to your feelings. If after a few minutes get a little too hot on the forehead perspiration, so you have a fast metabolism. Was just warm – temperate. If you felt nothing, your metabolism is slowed down.
Calculate the speed of your metabolism by the Harris-Benedict equation. The strong half of mankind need to do the following calculation: 66,47 + of 13.75 x weight in kg + 5 x height in centimeters – 6,74 x age. For ladies the formula is a slightly different form: 655,1 + 9,6 x weight in kilograms + 1.85 x height in centimeters – to 4.68 x age. The obtained result is equal to the level of your metabolism and the amount of calories you can consume per day without compromising the shape.
If you want to get accurate data about the level of your metabolism, consult to a medical facility. There are two ways to measure the speed of metabolism: direct and indirect calorimetry. In the first method the person is placed in a sealed chamber through which the pipes is water. The result is calculated based on the temperature difference of incoming and ejected from the chamber fluid. In the second case we measure the volume of air that the person exhales, and the percentage of oxygen in it and carbon dioxide.