You will need
  • - TORX screwdriver T40;
  • - a hammer.
The doors have an unfortunate design feature – their metal components rattle. To remedy this defect, remove the locks and put them on the levers the suitable size of rubber tube. Exterior door handles are a bad design. But you can change them to more attractive "eurorock".
If you wish even more to bring the doors to mind, replace them with the inner lining, place additional layers of noise insulation material and install an additional gasket. In doors you can build additional speakers.
For normal operation, adjust and locks the door. Otherwise doors will be closed tight or loose, and in the future – will get loose and begin to make unpleasant noises. To do this, first loosen the mounting screws of the lock. The latch slide out if the door is closed tight. Or inside if it closes not enough tightly. To remove the effect of lifting the door when closing, the lock slide down. After the adjustment, tighten the screws.
To adjust the lock on the tailgate (cars with body hatchback and wagon) on the clip, which snaps the lock latch, locate the two fixing screws. If the door opens tight, loosen these screws. If loose – tighten them. In addition, the castle be sure to lubricate with silicone grease.
If the adjustment range of the lock by means of these bolts is selected completely, and the lock still is not working properly, begin to tighten round rubber stops located on the door. But don't tighten them too much, otherwise the door will start to hang out and rattle while driving.
Also inspect traction lock actuator rear door. Repair all the jamming and backlash. Under the clip of the door find a special anti-slip lining. Replace it with a home-made, of increased thickness. It will also help to eliminate extraneous sounds while driving.