To disable the automatic restart of the computer when the failure of the system (to leave the so-called blue screen of death), you must perform several actions. Call System. To do this through the menu "start" or Windows button, open "control Panel". In the category "Performance and maintenance" click "System".
Alternative method: right-click the mouse on the element "My computer" on the desktop or in the start menu. In the context menu select "Properties". Will appear a new dialog box "Properties-System". Make it active the "Advanced"tab.
In the "startup and recovery" click "Settings" to open a new window under "startup and recovery". Remove the marker from the field next to "Perform automatic restart" under "system Failure". If necessary we can set a marker in the box "write an event to system log". Whenmenite new settings.
After these steps restart fails, the system will not run automatically, instead a blue screen appears with error message. If the settings you specified to record events in the log, after a reboot you will be able to read the message and may take appropriate action.
In order to read the event log, open the "control Panel" via "start menu" and select the category "Performance and maintenance" section of "Administration". Available in the labels folder, select "event Viewer". A new window will open.
In the left part of the window select with the mouse the item "System" and check the list. Error messages are highlighted with a red icon. Interested to read the entire message, click on it twice with the left mouse button it will be opened in a separate window.