You will need
  • Table "Everebody".
Venus, Mars and mercury in the horoscope is a special place. This is a personal planet, because they characterize certain sides of human nature. In particular Venus in the horoscope shows how a person has a positive attitude to beauty, to art, to jewelry. It manages the most sublime emotions – friendship, cordiality. Gives people the ability to love, determines the type of personal relationships with the opposite sex. But its most precious gift – happiness.
The position of Venus in the horoscope defines human creativity, his artistic inclinations. Being a planet of pleasure, it dictates its own style in the choice of gifts, works of art, flowers, cosmetics, entertainment. Determines your attitude towards money spending.
If Venus in the horoscope has a strong position, then you are the person with whom pleasant to communicate and easy to get along, you know how to dress elegantly and show off their best side.
To determine the position of Venus at birth can be a special astrological tables "Everebody". They are issued for a period of 90 years. Locate the table with your year and month of birth. At the very top line of it to find Venus. Her symbol is a circle with a cross underneath. In the first column, locate the day of his birth. At the intersection of these two lines will indicate the coordinates of this planet at the moment of your birth. If next to them there is no designation of the Zodiac sign, click on the column of Venus up. A few lines you will find it. I.e. all are below, including your coordinates belong to this sign.
Table "Etherimide" can be downloaded on the Internet. Ustanovite to your computer astroprotsessoru ZEN It is already integrated table "of Etherimide". For serious study buy a book on astrology.