Work on the looks and style. First and foremost, you need to look like a model. Mandatory data which needs you to be - tall, athletic and interesting features. Over the rest will have to work. Constantly visit the gym, consult your hair stylist to create a haircut that accentuates your strengths. In addition, you will have to follow the trends in fashion and dress up so that you pay attention at first sight.
Create portfolio. Consult a good photographer is able to make high-quality and professional pictures. Their presence is a prerequisite for the work in the modeling business. The portfolio should contain a set of images that show your participation in various projects. Do not spare money to pay a photographer, because it depends on him, will place you in databases modeling agencies.
Send a few photos with contact information to various modeling agencies. Find them online (most have websites). On the main page, click on "Contacts" or "Send us photos" and send to the specified address information. In addition to the picture and the name, write the age, height and weight.
Go to the auditions. To be in commercials, on the catwalk or the pages of the magazine, will have to work hard. Attend as many auditions, gain experience working with photographers and organizers of fashion shows. The more you flickering in the fashion world, the higher the chances that you will notice and will offer a good job.
Choose the right clothes when attending the auditions. In any case, do not wear baggy things. Clothing should show and highlight your body.