When choosing a bag to wear it over the shoulder, give preference to models with a moderately wide belt is supplied with a regulator of length. Try the bag – it should not slip. A rigid model with a zipper or a lock-valve that can't be undone without removing from the shoulder. But soft bags are bags equipped with a drawstring and a drawstring closure, weight fail. Consider whether it is convenient for you daily use this accessory.
Put in bag makeup bag, purse, book, phone, a netbook – in short everything that you daily carry with you. Again hang it on the shoulder. Enjoy the convenience and weight of the model. If your daily significant Luggage, buy bags made of nylon or thin leather with overlapping dense lining. Accessory of thick natural nappa leather is quite heavy, and the filling becomes completely unaffordable. Increase the weight of the bags and all kinds of decorative details – patch pockets, buckles, key rings and other accessories.
Bag-the tablet can be worn diagonally, crossing the strap across the chest. It will be convenient to use, in addition, you reliably protect your property from thieves. Don't fill the tablet with the things that suffers your silhouette. Pick up the bag, combined with the color of clothing or other accessories.
For an evening suit, elegant small purse on a thin strap or a chain. Typically, these models accommodate only miniature telephone, a powder compact and a credit card. If you can not afford to purchase the branded item, buy a fun and inexpensive thing to an original design. The unusual handbag, the easier it should be wear. For example, fashion accessories in the form of tomatoes, roses or seashells look beautiful against the backdrop of a simple monochromatic sheath dress.
If you have a roomy trunk with two moderately long, stiff handles, try to wear it across the shoulder. Bag fixed under the hand, double handles sit firmly on the shoulder. Such models are suitable for casual ensembles in style, they are comfortable to wear purchase.
Can't do without shoulder bags and pleasure. To the beach take the easy canvas model with prints or soft fabric and knitted satchel. Original shoulder bag can make from a large cotton handkerchief. Tie him up for corners in the cavity fold things and put the accessory on the shoulder.