Advice 1: How to write a claim for a pension

Making retirement should begin well in advance. And the important point is the timely submission of an application to the pension Fund. Without accrual of cash nobody will produce.
The calculation of the pension takes place from the date of submission of the calculation. But, of course, not before came laid her term. To protect yourself from possible problems in the documentation and delays, submit this statement a month before the retirement age. In women it starts in 50 years, men – 60 years.
Before applying, assemble the documents that will be needed for him to make. It consists of an employment record, passport, military ID, information about average wages for five years in any period of employment, evidence of mandatory medical insurance and proof of insurance. But if you want to draw an early pension, the document of confirmation of your eligibility for this benefit.
Take the application form in the pension Fund located in your place of residence or stay. Its shape is designed in accordance with the rules of the pension documents. If some points in the statement you do not understand, check with them in advance. Remember that the accuracy of the information, specified in the application, you are responsible.
Complete the application, attach necessary documents and take it to the pension Fund. Specialist Fund will be registered in a special register and issue you a receipt confirming reception of documents. If you cannot include the statement in person, send it by mail or by representative to whom you need to issue a power of attorney for such actions.
Wait until the specialists of the pension Fund will check your documents. It usually takes about 10 working days. If some information will be missing, they will notify you and ask you to bring the documents needed. When everything is in order, you will receive a pensionthat you can receive on reaching pension age.

Advice 2: How to write an application for early retirement

By law, men begin to receive a retirement pension at sixty and women at fifty-five years. However, there are situations when a person has the right to retire early. To do this, including the need to write a special statement to the Pension Fund.
You will need
  • - passport;
  • - employment history;
  • the income statement for five years.
Please specify whether you are one of the categories of people who have the right to go to early retirement. These include citizens who work in hazardous or very physically demanding production, as well as sailors, public transport drivers, pilots, rescue workers, certain categories of teachers, employees of penitentiary institutions and remand prisons, doctors, nurses, ballet dancers and a number of other professions. Also early retirement can get, regardless of profession, the mother of five or more children, people who has worked a long time in the far North and some disabled persons. The age at which you can retire early depends on the position and experience. This information can be obtained on the website of the Pension Fund.
If you meet the requirements, submit the statement for appointment of pension. The procedure in this case is the same as when applying for the issue of pension in the regular period, will only have to Supplement the dossier with the documents confirming your right to early retirement - work book with information about your employment history, giving the right to this pension, birth certificate of children for mothers or conclusion of a medical examination of work capacity in case of early pension for persons with disabilities. Contact with all the papers in the territorial Department of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation at the place of registration or actual residence and write the application for the appointment you pensions.
Your statement will be reviewed not more than ten days. If necessary, provide additional documents, which may require the Pension Fund. If all papers are in order, the pension you will accrue from the first day of the month in which you applied for the design.
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