Call the main system menu by pressing the "start" button and click "All programs." Open link in Microsoft Office and start Word. Open the document to be the number assigned pages, and open the menu "Insert" upper service panel of the application window.
Select "page Numbers" and select the desired position of numbers on the sheet in the line "Position" dialog box (the options are at the top or bottom of the page). Then select the desired alignment method of the room: inside the page, outside the page, center page, left page or the right edge of the page in the row "Alignment". Apply or clear the check box "Number on the first page", depending on the desired numbering options and confirm saving the changes by pressing the OK button.
To add a page number, but other information (time or creation date of the document), use another algorithm. Open menu "View" of the upper service panel of the application window of Word and select "header and Footer". Use the "header/footer" on the service panel dialog box to embed the page numbers at the bottom of the pages.
Confirm applying your changes, click "page Number" in the service pane of the dialog box header and footer. Please note that by default the page numbers are placed in the left margin of the footer. To change this placement is necessary to perform a mouse click in front of the right tjvthjv mode footer and take advantage of the functional Tab.
If you want to change the numbering format of the pages, return to the menu "Insert" upper service panel of the application window of Word and select "page Numbers". Click "Format" and select the desired view in the directory for the string "number Format". Save changes by clicking OK.