Advice 1: Where to go in Khabarovsk

Khabarovsk is the administrative, cultural and industrial center of the Far East. Even geographically it occupies a Central place on the map of this region of Russia. This is a beautiful, distinctive city. There are a lot of historical sites that you can visit during excursions. Wonderful zoo has a surprising variety of animals. There are a lot of places for active rest. Lovers of night life clubs and bars.
Get acquainted with the city will help the many day trips organised by local firms. Since surveillance around the city and then visiting different corners of it. In Khabarovsk there is something to see. The city abounds with temples. Temple of St. Seraphim of Sarov - snow-white miracle in the style of Russian Orthodox architecture. Its simple and elegant appearance rises above the city. Holy Transfiguration Cathedral, whose height to the gilded dome is 95 m. the Temple of St. innocent in Irkutsk, the oldest Church of the city, opened in 1870. Its main part is the bell tower chime announces the entire Khabarovsk.Monuments is an integral part of the history of the city. They are dispersed all over the Khabarovsk. Each of them is a tribute to the memory of some significant event. The most famous is the monument to count N. N. Muravyov-Amursky. It was he - the Governor-General of Eastern Siberia and the diplomat outlined the future location of the city on the Amur river.You should visit the city's museums, such as the youngest "Museum of history of Khabarovsk". It introduces visitors to the major milestones in the development of this star in Eastern Siberia. Khabarovsk regional Museum of local lore. N. And. Grodekova is natural and historical exhibits. There are a lot of unique exhibits of world importance. It is the oldest Museum in the city. Far Eastern art Museum, showcases one of the largest collections of paintings in the world.Theater-goers should visit the Khabarovsk regional drama theater and Regional theater of musical Comedy. Wonderful performances both classics and contemporaries will please even the most discerning connoisseurs of theatre art. Theater "Triada" invites connoisseurs of the silent art of pantomime. Here prefer productions with deep philosophical meaning.The city offers many places to relax outdoors. Park of a name of Gaidar - a popular place for children to play. Rich collections of toys, including trampolines outdoor slides and swings. City Park of culture and rest them. Yuri Gagarin is famous for its attractions for children adults. Here is Khabarovsk circus with a unique program and wonderful trained far Eastern beasts. Night life Khabarovsk diverse. Clubs Fox club", "Malibu", "Siam Tornado" and the number - pool will help pass the night.

Advice 2: Where to study in Khabarovsk

Khabarovsk is quite a large scientific center. There are 17 local Universities and a further six branches in other major and reputed educational institutions. So residents don't have to go to Moscow to study, you can do it in the Khabarovsk.
In Khabarovsk, 20 schools, two of which with profound studying of English language. Also there are 19 colleges and technical schools, where the schools can get higher education in such occupations as railroad worker, the assistant of the train driver, mechanic, driver instructor, accountant, etc.
Very popular among the students uses the Khabarovsk boundary Institute of FSB of Russia. It trains officers and warrant officers of the Border service of FSB of Russia. Upon graduation all graduates become qualified as lawyers. In this University you can study both in person and in absentia and the diploma was quoted about on par with Metropolitan universities.
Those who love the economy goes into Khabarovsk state Academy of Economics and law. According to most experts, is the leading specialized economic educational institution in the whole Khabarovsk territory. Despite the fact that the Academy was established not so long ago, in 1993, its diploma is quoted.
Well, those who feel the craving for beauty, go into Khabarovsk state University of arts and culture. Students being called by the school, like its Moscow counterpart, the "sack." Here you can learn and the journalist, and screenwriter and film critic. Last year the competition was four people in place, and this demonstrates the popularity of the University.
Future teachers are going to study in far Eastern state humanitarian University, which was once the Khabarovsk pedagogical University. Here you can learn how regular teachers, and the teacher of initial classes.
We should not forget about the largest UNIVERSITY in the Far East and the Pacific state University. It houses a variety of departments: fundamental and computer Sciences, social-humanitarian, legal, Economics and management, engineering and construction, architecture and design, transportation and energy and natural resources and the environment. You can learn both at the bachelor (4 years) and specialist (5 years) and master (6 years).
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