Make sure that understand the difference of these two functions:Standby mode puts the computer in a mode of minimum consumption of energy, but leaves the computer running. Therefore, when it enters standby mode , you must save the changes, otherwise, when the outage will be lost.Hibernate mode turns the computer off, while maintaining the existing condition on the hard disk. So saving the changes is not mandatory.
Standby mode the computer is enabled by default and available to the user in a menu, shutdown and off, being one of three options:- reset;- shutdown;- standby mode.
If the computer was previously enabled hibernation mode, to activate standby modeand will need to call the context menu of the desktop click the right mouse button on empty space. Select "Properties" and select the tab "screen Saver" in the dialog box. Click "Power" under "power Saving" in the bottom of the window and click on the tab "Sleeping mode", the following dialog box. Remove the checkmark in the line "to Allow the use of hibernation modeand Sleep mode" and confirm saving the changes by clicking "Apply".
Select the "Advanced" tab and select the option "Transition into standby mode" in the drop down line "When you click sleep mode" under "power Buttons". Confirm the selected actions by clicking the "Apply"button.
An alternative method to the inclusion of standby modewhen enabled sleep modeis the mouse pointer on the button "Sleeping mode" in the menu you shutdown and turn off the computer. Press the function Shift key, and wait until you change the name of the button to "Standby mode".