You will need
  • - decorative fabric;
  • - a synthetic winterizer or foam rubber;
  • - furniture stapler;
  • glue;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - strong thread.
Take an old beanbag or make the frame out of plywood. Measure the size of the seat and will have plenty of foam or padding polyester preform. Make measurements of the height of the pouf. Take wide ribbon and wrap it to his side. Attach the foam to the furniture stapler on all sides, firmly fixing the pad. If it seems you are not soft, put on the seat of a double layer of foam.
Select a stylistic decision for the future of the Ottoman. For the upholstery you can use the tapestry, suede, synthetic, velvet or faux fur. For Ottoman in trendy ethnic style will suit a dense satin or drapery fabric that imitates silk. The interior in ethno style fits the pouf, covered with canvas or matting.
Modern interior with light folk music will adorn the decorated footstools, patchwork. To produce such a case, pick up patches of the dense matter of contrasting colors, make some of them the same wedges for sitting and sostrochite them together on the reverse side. The sides of the Ottoman to do a plain or sew them from multi-colored strips.
Follow the pattern parts of the seat and the side parts corresponding in size to parts of the lining. You can attach them to the foam furniture stapler neatly with tucked edges. On the joints pull the wide decorative cord attached to a universal quick-drying fabric glue.
Another option for updating a bean bag to put on his cover of decorative fabric. This method is much more practical – if necessary, the cover can be removed and washed. The finished part of the upholstery fabric how the pins from the inside and prostrochite on a typewriter. Remove the cover. Tuck the bottom edge of the fabric and pull up machine stitching or by hand. Put the bag on the stool, straighten the folds.
The finished pouffe can be decorated. Sew to the bottom edge fringe or fur the edge. In the middle of the seat, you can attach a large button, covered decorative fabric – this option looks especially beautiful on patchwork covers. Bedroom or a lady's boudoir is decorated pouf with ruffles and lace.