Little kitten, not yet reached the age of three, should have access to food throughout the day. Don't be afraid that a kid can overeat. Kittens at this age usually most of the day headlong rush through the house, burning all the excess calories.
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For six or seven months of a kitten preferably translated to two meals a day. By this time the growth of the baby slows down a bit, so feeding on a schedule will allow you to control the amount of food eaten by the pet.
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Never feed a kitten immediately after your morning Wake-up, otherwise he quickly realized that in order to get a treat, he only need you to Wake up. But the baby might get hungry and at 5 in the morning. Better feed him before you leave for work.
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The same rule apply to the evening feeding. Feed the kitten not as soon as I come home, and after some time. This is important, because if you're late from work, the child will be nervous. A restless animal can make a row: to peel the Wallpaper in the hallway, to stir the soil in the flower pots "to relieve themselves" in the wrong place.
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Feed the kitten in the designated place. If you don't want to jump on the kitchen table where you prepare food, do not feed him near it. The same applies to the dining table. Do not put a bowl of food next to the object near which you would not wish to see your pet.
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If during a meal you don't want to stay fixed on your vision and endure harassment four-legged lover to eat, never let the kitten treats from their plates.
Feeding kitten boiled chicken without bones, lean beef, boiled chicken and beef stomachs, kidneys, lungs and heart, low-fat cream cheese, any vegetables, except potatoes, and ready-made food designed specifically for kittens. Cook the baby rice, oatmeal, wheat or buckwheat. Include in the diet of its food cooked or raw egg yolk. Toddler under the age of three, can fluster milk. In older kittens, this product may cause diarrhea.