Advice 1: How to act in GITIS

About the career of an actor or actress's dream. And according to statistics, every year the largest influx of students experiencing what College theater. Usually the competition is more than 200 people in the place. In the acting group of the University of up to 23-25 years, for future Directors the age limit increased to 35 years, but they should already have experience in professional or Amateur theatre.
Before you start applying to College theater, students go through a qualifying round of the creative contest. Future actors will have to show off the skill of the actor, scenic speech, as well as their knowledge of the history of theatre ColloquiumE. For Directors the contest is divided into 4 stages – the skill of the artist, practical direction, orally and in writing, and Colloquium on the history of theatre. If all three rounds of creative competition will be successfully completed, the exams in Russian language and literature.Exam skills assessed the talent of the applicant. Here perform several works from different genres – a poem, fable, prose. In preparing the program, choose those passages that are close to you in spirit that you understand and feel every cell of his body. Rate your effort theatrical role, the program picks up the type. Don't make long passages – one of them will not listen, it is better to prepare several pieces from different works, as the Commission may request to read something else. And most importantly – do not try to Excel. The original passage is, of course, fine, but don't forget about the proximity of the text to your inner world. Sometimes it's better to show a familiar and clear to everyone since childhood, Pushkin, Baudelaire rather than complex or Borges.In addition to the software products, the Commission may be asked to sing an impromptu stage study, to sing, to dance etc. by the Way, in departments such as pop, choreography, musical theatre, dance and vocal are included in the software testing art competition.
After passing the exam on the skill of future actors are allowed to Colloquium and Directors to the examination in the direction. Examination in the direction of consists of a practical exam on directing, writing directing the work carried out in the classroom on topics determined by the examination Committee, and Colloquium.Of course, students of the directing faculty should be familiar with basic theory of directing, well-versed in theatre history (including modern), music, painting, cinema, literature, etc and an Oral exam in directing is an etude on a given topic, it can be any product from the music to the beautiful. To participate in the study the candidate may involve in its scenic effects of other applicants. It is important to find the emotional-figurative expression of the thought that the future Director wants to reveal in the study. At this stage, the Commission examines the creative imagination and taste of the entrant, as well as his initiative and ingenuity. Written directorial work – is staging a plan of the play or one scene, by the decision of the Commission as well as clearly set out on paper a description of the plans of the Director of the art and music design.
The Colloquium is an interview that tests the level of intellectual development of incoming, knowledge, interests, and abilities creative thinking, as well as his aesthetic views and cultural level. For a successful passage is required to freely navigate in the Russian and foreign literature, dramaturgy, theatre criticism, history of directing, and the drama theatre. On the website of the University posted the list of literature, required reading to prepare for the Colloquium.
After completing all three stages of the creative competition entrants are allowed to the examinations in General subjects: Russian language and literature. For applicants who do not have certifications exam, it is conducted in the form of essays.

Advice 2: How to act in the Moscow theatre Institute RATI

Every year, the oldest theatrical INSTITUTION of the country of RATI (GITIS) opens its doors to the talented youth who dreams of the stage, sees himself as a star of screen or stage. A competition in theatrical institutions has always been one of the most high. But truly talented man, a door RATI always open.
You will need
  • - high school diploma;
  • - medical certificate;
  • - the results of the exam;
  • - 3 photos 3x4 cm.
GITIS presented by 8 faculties: acting, two for directing, theatre studies, Department of music, theatre design, musical theatre, and choreography. If you already have a higher education, you can continue in graduate or postgraduate course.
Select the school that we plan to do. Decide what form of training (resident or correspondence). Check out features admission to a particular faculty. If you have just finished school, you will need the results of the exam in Russian language and literature. Graduates of the school until 2009 exams in the Academy. School graduates with specialized education, accepted by results of creative competition.
The creative competition is one of the most important applicant of the Theatre Academy. It is evaluated on a 100-point scale and consists of three rounds. At the first audition you will be asked to introduce themselves, tell about themselves and to fulfill the so-called "program". Hold yourself confidently, speak clearly and distinctly. Depending on the faculty you will need to perform several excerpts from the works (prose, poetry, fable), to demonstrate vocal, stage, dance data. Prepare several variants of your program. This will help you not to get lost if the selection Committee will ask you to show or do something else.
To successfully complete a creative task, sign up to training courses where experienced teachers will help to improve the scenic speech, acting skills, plastic. Preparatory courses you have the opportunity to compare themselves with other applicants and to assess their capabilities.
Take a few lessons from professionals who know how to pass such exams. They will be able to guide you in how to show their best side, and what kind of repertoire to prepare for the Commission.
If you have completed all three rounds, you still have to pass the examination on the erudition, knowledge of history of theatre, dance, literature, contemporary art. Therefore, as you read more, attend exhibitions, theatrical and dance performances.
Individual faculties RATI in place expect up to 200 people.
Useful advice
Three important "don'T" at receipt in theatrical high school:

At the audition, don't mumble, speak confidently and clearly! This is important because this step tests for not only acting, but the defects of speech.

In any case do not say that you were engaged with the teacher or at the Studio theatre!

Do not wear flashy and bright. Better to dress modestly, but with taste. For girls mandatory item of clothing for the audition is a skirt, not mini and not Maxi. No need to try and a ton of makeup, listening to appropriate a modest unnoticeable makeup, since the Commission is an important person coming, not her ability to draw on itself "angelina Jolie". The young men also undesirable to come to the qualifying round in the jackets or the jeans-pipes. Classic costume or clothing style casual that's perfect for listening. Monthly stubble is also not relevant, as long unwashed hair or shaved Mohawk. Remember: your appearance should match with what you read!
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