You will need
  • nicotine patches;
  • electronic cigarette;
  • - Notepad and pen.
Formulate your desire to quit drinking and Smoking. Realize why you need it. Don't drop bad habits abruptly and unconsciously – this option is likely to lead to the disruption and all efforts will be in vain. Decide what you want to live without alcohol and tobacco – the most important step in getting rid of these bad habits. If you can convince yourself that you are capable of it, will succeed.
In writing specify, why you want to quit Smoking and drinking. Find reason easy. It may be the desire to live a long life, the unwillingness to recover after a night out with alcohol and even the desire to prove others that you are able to take this step. Think and write on the other piece of why you still drink and smoke. What give you these bad habits? Whether short-term pleasure of your health?
Try as little as possible to happen in companies where drinking and Smoking. Do not appear in companies where booze and cigarettes are a must for travelers. Explain to your friends that you are trying to get rid of bad habits and therefore will not be for some time to come to collective meetings. If friends are real, they will understand and accept your decision. If your party will be directed misunderstanding and negativity, without a doubt change your circle of friends. Your health and the reasons for which you are trying to quit Smoking and drinking, much more important than the unreliable people in your life.
Save money that were previously spent on booze and cigarettes. Any time you're the habit I want to buy a bottle of beer or a pack of cigarettes, remove a certain amount in a separate envelope. A couple of weeks will see that there are many. You will see how much money you wasted, and even to the detriment of their health, and it will be a very good motivation.
To help the body to survive the lack of nicotine, help him healthier ways. Try nicotine patches, chewing gum or electronic cigarette. Do not hesitate to contact the doctor with your problem – it will help you to make the organism easier to survive refusal from nicotine and alcohol addiction.
Make your life more rich. Try to occupy a free time to not had the desire to drink or smoke. Enjoy a new hobby or sport. This will add to your life the new paint and will further enhance health. Find like-minded people, because the company to overcome bad habits easier. In the future, like-minded people can become true friends who will be proud of your willpower and you will reciprocate.