Most often offended due to the fact that the person does not do what you want. Understand that others, in fact, owe you nothing but. No matter how close man is it a separate independent personality. If he does something for you – be grateful. If refuses – it's his right. Learn to accept good things for yourself, as a gift, not for granted. Remember that you are first and foremost aimed at solving their problems (of course, if you are mother Teresa), and then to help others.
Another way of dealing with resentment is to look at the situation as if from the future. Imagine that 20 years have passed, will remember you today's offense? Probably not. So what's the point to get upset due to the fact that in the future will have value.
If the offense is very strong, and you are sure that you will remember 20 years from now, try to forgive the offender. Otherwise, the only thing that will bring your suffering is depression and revenge. Remember that forgiveness you in the first place, can be of service to yourself, not the offender.
If someone hurts intentionally, not by accident, then he is likely aware of your resentment and he uses your weakness to their advantage. So try to pretend that you don't care about his words. When people realize that can't pin that on you – he'll just fall behind.
Understand that resentment, in fact, the childish feeling. When we were young, it was possible to make a sad face, cry and get what you want. But in the adult world. Only due to the fact that you are offended, you do not go forward. So to respond to what you don't like pointless – it is better to quietly listen to the "offender" and make the right conclusions.
You can also the offender regret. Psychologists believe that can not a happy person to want to hurt or humiliate another – he, on the contrary, will be willing to cheer us up and to make happy. So remember that the offender in the soul to feel bad. And humiliating you, he tries to alleviate their condition.