Rest in Bashkiria is interesting and multifaceted because there remain some local customs and traditions. After summer ends the first phase of the agricultural work in the districts and towns is quite fun the occasion amongst the population – the Sabantuy. It jumps, and humorous competitions and treats in an open area, and, of course, prizes.
On arrival to Bashkiria sure to visit the national Park, which is located on the territory of three administrative districts of the Republic (burzyansky, Meleuz, Kugarchinskogo). This is the only Park of Federal significance in Bashkortostan. Its area is about 82300 hectare national Park was established to preserve the natural complex of the forests of the southern Urals and valuable complex with numerous caves and other quite interesting natural values. Before visiting this amazing place you will need a ticket.
Thrill seekers will appreciate the exciting journey, on arrival in "Abzakovo", there will be faced with natural obstacles, to fight the raging elements. Here is possible to rent a mountain bike, riding on it is not inferior to traditional sports. Instructors will offer Hiking on special trails, explore caves and climb the mountains. Nearby you'll find the purest lake "Bath" - is a refuge of romantics and adventurers.
Bashkiria is the place where is located the world-famous monuments and sights. For example, a reserve called "Shulgan-Tash" - the only place where wild bees live and collect wild honey. "Shikhany" - mountains from the remnants of ancient reefs made out of rocks with imprints of animals and prehistoric plants. "Kapova cave" is known for the fact that here is still preserved the drawings of ancient people on the rock.
Invented and passed a huge number of routes in order to reach this part of the southern Urals. And though the multi-faceted nature of Bashkortostan invites to a fun and active holiday, you can find great places for a relaxing and holiday stay. Because nature took care of the healing factors of the land – mineral springs, Mare, healing mud. Rest in Bashkiria is gathering mushrooms and berries, fishing, swimming, Spa treatments, horseback riding, kayaking and much more. Receive new emotions from life as you travel to Bashkiria.