You will need
  • - instruction to the television;
  • controller;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • receiver.
To configure the free channels include TV, pre-connecting it to the antenna, and take the remote. With instructions for use, configure the channels on your TV. Basically all actions are performed with the button "Menu" on the remote.
After pressing this button the TV will display a menu where also using the remote, select the directory "Setup" with subdirectories "Automatic configuration" and "Manual settings".
Select the subdirectory "Auto setup", then TV will start scanning the TV band and record the program in the memory of the TV. Upon completion, exit the menu and start watching TV.
For free viewing satellite TV through a computer install a program ProgDVB with video codecs MPEG4 and MPEG2.
To configure the program indicate the function of the time shift Timeshift and select the location for the record file, specifying its maximum size.
To run the program in the setup menu, select device list where you specify the type of graphics card. Through menu log to the tab "DISEqC and providers", in paragraph empty again, specify the type of the Converter and the video card. Designate the desired view of the satellite in the tab "what is a satellite configured" and select "channel Search".
If no keys use the method of sharinga. To do this, use a plugin for ProgDVB CSCLient and card DVB-S2 or DVB-S. Copy the line of access from the sharing server in the csc file.ini.
Start ProgDVB. Select Cardserver Client in the plugin menu and mark it Active. Next, decide on the desired channel and go to the tab "channel Properties". Specify the identifier depending on the selected package.
To view satellite TV on TV start on the receiver scan the satellite for available channels. After a certain amount of time, you will get two list of listing of free and paid channels. Select first, so you can install on your satellite TV.