You will need
  • - 250 g of white yarn New Baby Uni (100% wool, 205/50g);
  • 40 g of silver yarn De Luxe (62% viscose, 38% polyester, 154M/20g);
  • - 50 g white yarn Nuvoletta (100% polyamide 133/50g);
  • straight needles №3,5 and number 4;
  • - 4 buttons.
Review the logs and knit baby things and choose the most suitable season model for your baby. For example, for winter Hiking, the best option would be a warm sweater of white yarn with fleece, which will not allow your child to freeze and give it a festive look.
Remember, the sweatshirts, you should always start knitting from the back. So, dial 66 loops thread Nuvoletta in two additions and tie spokes №3,5 and number 4 garter viscous 2 cm pattern for bars. Then in the following sequence: knit the front stitch: 2 rows white, 2 rows with thread 2 addition of silver and white threads.
After 17 cm close to armholes on both sides by three loops, then bevels for Raglan in every second row turn down on both sides for 1 loop 19 times. And through 31 cm freely close the remaining loop 22.
Then start knitting right shelves jackets. To do this, type 32 loops and tie bar as on the back. Then knit the front stitch in the sequence.
Do the armhole and Raglan as on the back. After the 12th of subtraction Raglan, close to round the neck on the right side in every second row 2*3, 1*2, 1*1, 1*0. Keep in mind, you should have 17 obavlenia. Then close the last three stitches and tie the left shelf in the same way, but symmetrically.
We now proceed to the execution of the left sleeve. To do this, type 40 loops and knit pattern for trims, exactly as on the back. Then in the sequence of the front knit stitch. Simultaneously to add bevels sleeves on both sides 1 loop in each 6 row 7 times, and again after 17 cm close both sides of the three loops.
Next to turn down the bevels Raglan from both sides in every 2 row 17 times for 1 loop. And after the 17th of subtraction of the Raglan turn down at the end of the spokes 4 loop 2 times. After the 19th of subtraction Raglan close the remaining 4 loops. Bind symmetrically to the right sleeve.
Run the strap retainers in the following way. Take again the spokes №3,5 dial white thread 7 loops and knit 24 cm don't forget to make 4 holes for the buttons. The bar to sew the edges and sew buttons.