A feedback form is hosted on a web page and is designed to ensure that users were able to send any information to the server. To create it, use one of the online designers. To do this, go to the website
Here you will find the form generator, which will select the size and color of the form and its fields. You will then receive a code, copy it into the code of the page and get ready form.
Set its shape. Enter altitude data of the header field. To see the result, right-click the mouse on the white background of the page. Then decide the color of the strip designed for the header. To do this, click on the colored square (the color choose in its sole discretion) located on the left side of the appropriate text boxes. In the same way set the color of the title text. Next, set the altitude data field for entering messages. Set the color of text of your form.
Select colors for the following forms: body shapes, text fields, borders around shapes. Set the font size for all labels. To view the result, press the right mouse button on a white background or click on the "View". If necessary, make the appropriate changes.
After you set all the settings the contact form of the website, click on the "Set up". After "Step two", the text will be placed, select it, then right-click on the highlighted and select "Copy".
Open the page in edit mode (in Notepad or any other editor) and paste the code of feedback form. Save the changes. Then close the editor. Creating a feedback form of the website is completed.